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Milano Marittima
Milano Marittima

MilanoMarittima this year celebrates its first one hundred years and in the lontano1912 when a group of definite Milanese to give life to a dream you/they would not surely be imagined that today that place could be a destination of tourism of elite able however to not only welcome the well-off people but also the families and children transforming himself/herself/itself so in a place of vacation for all more and more gettonata and to celebrate better by now this place known as Me.But August 14 th 2012 in the day of the date of birth of MilanoMarittima a great orchestra will exhibit him on an original stage and will give the concert of the centennial to the guests and for the occasion the all will be accompanied by an extraordinary show of fires of artifice.

The Centennial becomes so a motive in more to make that MilanoMarittima is considered as place for a qualified tourism inviting the tourists to discover her/it on the occasion of the numerous cultural proposals and of show through the inizitives of the Centennial that will make Me.But even more exclusive.

2012 will do that is put in evidence this great event with a rich program of appointments that the tourists will accompany giving them emotions and feelings of beauty and it are for this that deserves to be visited in this so special period that this whole solar year will last becoming so part of the history of MilanoMarittima.

For the occasion demonstrations will be organized for all the tastes in twinship with the chief town lombardo to celebrate this great event among these to quote the Wedding of the Sea that on May 20 will be held 2012 guest of honor to the event it will be a representation in Milan in honor of the founders of MilanoMarittima

You tells that who is born in a place he/she marinates the sea if the door within for the whole life the road that the person will undertake doesn't care or the place where he will live with his/her own job his/her own family in how much the voice of the sea knows how to arrive far and is for this that every year is celebrated the deep bond between Cervia and the Adriatic.

In occasion you/they will be unthread in medieval customs accompanied from historical rievocazioni and for the tourists and for all those that will intervene there you/they can taste some good fish cooked for the occasion by the fishermen themselves.

Surely also in these two days of celebrations, shows, shows, songs, dances and markets MilanoMarittima will be full from so much people some come for curiosity some to spend a pleasant stay to anticipate the summer season that from that date to few it will begin and it will transform Me.But in the pearl modaiola of the Adriatic Coast mostly embellished by this important event, the one hundred years, finding as always reception in one of the so many hotel structures.